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Peter Newey

Once I became a Dive Instructor, I knew I wanted to run my own dive centre. I wanted to pass on all the amazing adventures I had dived, teach others to enjoy this vastly undiscovered world. I have been so lucky to have been teaching SCUBA for the last 16 years and made so many great friends. Welcome to our Dive family. Much to the teams horror I speak only English if I need to speak another language I just talk Pigeon English loudly. Oh yes and because of my Cypriot brother Mem, I swear very well in Turkish


Hi. I’m Trev. I’ve been diving for more years than Laura, Arman and Pouya have been alive,  but haven’t yet followed the teaching route, which makes me the dive centres official “maker of tea”, “filler of tanks”, and “fetcher of kit”(although sometimes I let the youngsters do it for me, just so they can retain their fetching and carrying skills)

lm a Master Scuba and IANTD  Tec Lite diver, hopefully starting my DM course very soon.  I love diving our local sites - every dive is a learning experience and we are blessed to have some of the best dive sites on our doorstep that North Cyprus has to offer. I look forward to meeting you at the friendliest dive centre on the island real soon.

Mehmet Gagari (On the right)

I  grew up around diving, avoiding chores, school and work to be at the dive centre. This is where I learned about what it is like to work in the dive industry. Firstly how to load the boat, then how to repair the boat and the equipment. Finally I was allowed in the water! I have now been a dive instructor for 12 years and know the waters of North Cyprus really well. When I met Pete we knew we would open a dive centre together. I speak Turkish and English perfectly and some Greek 


Hi I'm Sam, Pete's wife. I mainly do the picking up and dropping off, making drinks and looking after the dive centre whilst everyone is off diving. I do the occasional recreational dive and my favourite is a night dive from our shore. A chilled out experience not to be missed.

Arman Afazeli

My name is Arman Afazeli and I am a qualified PADI dive master pro. I can speak both English and Persian fluently and I can understand Turkish. I love scuba diving because i am able to see many unique creatures, and I can also experience how the animals feel. Also i am the first person at the Dive Center that has seen a shark, which I found on one of our beautiful dive sites. I will tell you more about my experience with the shark when we meet.

Laura Paterson

Hello, my name is Laura Paterson and I am a qualified SSI Dive Leader. I can speak both English and Turkish fluently. I have a strong passion for scuba diving. I love it because I am able to switch off from the rest of the world and enter an environment which is peaceful and relaxing. I also enjoy diving because I am able to make new and long lasting friends within the dive community.

PouYa Zargar

Im Pouya Zargar and I'm a specialty instructor. I speak a few languages and hopefully one of them is yours...(Persian, English, Turkish, and Russian-limited)

I've been swimming and diving since forever and I'm an active environmentalist, especially for sharks. 

Here we care about nature as much as having a good dive.

About 70% of Earth is covered with water; no diving means having only 30% to explore.They say I may steal your leftover food, and I won't dignify this with a response!


My name is Julia, but everyone calls me Joolz. I’m a PADI Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving Leader. My native language is English, with a basic understanding of French. As well as being passionate about Scuba Diving and all marine life, I also appreciate and support marine conservation issues such as Project Aware and Coral Reef Conservation. I am interested in underwater photography and videography and I am also a keen wreck diver.

Geoffrey Heath

Geoff (husband to Joolz), Divemaster and DSD Leader.

Diving has taken me to places and given me friends that would not happen with the a day-job.

I love how every dive is different, whether identifying marine life or perusing a sunken wreck... therapy or challenge, your choice!

If I can help you discover this life too, I am happy.

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